You may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork at a time. We welcome fine art of all kinds: painting, drawing, design, photography, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, installation, and performance art. Please let us know if you wish us to consider your submissions as a set or individually. Please submit as a standard media file (300 DPI), zipped for compression if necessary. Send work as attachments, along with an artist statement (if you wish to include one), a third person bio, and any social media links you’d like us to highlight to palaver(dot)mag(dot)arts(at)gmail(dot)com with ART in the subject line. 


Word count for fiction should be under 4,000 words, unless the author can give a compelling reason for a longer word count. Files should be submitted in a single .doc or .docx file. We’re happy to accept flash fiction, a single short story, several short stories (so long as the author provides a common thread between them), or a single long piece. Send your work as an attachment, along with a third person bio and any social media you’d like us to highlight, to palaver(dot)mag(dot)prose(at)gmail(dot)com, with FICTION in the subject line.

If you have a piece of creative nonfiction or a work that defies all subject boundaries, pass it on to the MISC section.


We welcome media submissions of all kinds, including but not limited to short films, recorded spoken word, and original music compositions. Submissions longer than 10 minutes may need to be compressed for file size. Please submit as a standard media file, zipped if necessary. Send work as an attachment, along with a third person bio and links to any other work you’d like us to highlight, to palaver(dot)mag(dot)media(at) with MEDIA in the subject line.

You may submit up to 5 poems at a time in a single .doc or .docx file. Please do not exceed 10 pages total. Separate poems with page breaks and DO NOT include your name or any identifying information in the file. Send work as an attachment, along with a third person bio and any social media links you'd like us to highlight, to palaver(dot)mag(dot)poetry(at) with POETRY in the subject line.



Have something to submit but not sure where it fits? Email your work as an attachment to palaver(dot)arts(dot)magazine(at)gmail(dot)com  with MISC in the subject line, and we’ll take a look.

Before you submit . . . 

  • This is a volunteer-based magazine, which means neither the contributors nor the editors are paid except in appreciation.
  • We do accept previously published work, but please let us know where your piece or pieces have been previously published when you submit, so we can give proper credit.
  • You are welcome to submit to multiple genres across our magazine, but please let the editors know you're doing so. In addition, please include the same author name and bio for all submissions.
  • By submitting to Palaver, you confirm that the work is original to you and that you have the rights to it.
  • By submitting, you give us permission to share your work, your name, and whatever bio you give us on our site and social media unless otherwise requested.
  • Your work may be edited prior to publication.
  • We read year-round, though we publish only twice a year, once each Spring and Fall Semester. Please wait for our response to one submission before sending another.  
  • Palaver asks for the rights to publish your work online and keep it on our site in the future.
  • By submitting, you confirm you understand and agree to the above terms.
  • Palaver is sponsored by USC Dornsife Honors Programs, but all USC Students are invited to submit.
  • Send us your best.